Elevating Success through
Data-Driven Strategies

We understand that effective marketing strategies are not just about creative ideas; they're about precision, analysis, and delivering measurable results.

Our team specializes in crafting strategies that are not only innovative, but also rooted in data, ensuring that every decision we make leads to meaningful impact.

case studies

Explore how our expertise in data-driven marketing can elevate your business and drive the results you've been envisioning.

Drive results

Case Studies  

The subsequent case studies feature a retail real estate property owner with a portfolio of over 90 shopping centers, encompassing 15 million square feet of space.

Drive Leasing Leads

designed a new website page featuring curated content 

14K website page visits over 3 months

345 inquiries, +133% YOY

Objective: Target small business owners to generate leasing leads.

12% of deals initiated through marketing efforts

150K+ Leasing revenue

 Social Media Growth Strategy 

decreased ad spend by 15%

+75% reach YOY

+20% follower growth

+603% engagement growth

Objective: Acquire targeted followers, expand reach and engagement, all while optimizing ad spend.

Development Project Management

repositioned the brand

crafted all stakeholder communications 

Coordinated all sales materials including renderings

Objective: Manage a multi-year transformation of a shopping center into a mixed-use center.

Managed all internal and external vendors and partners

Employee Volunteer Engagement Campaign

2,100 volunteers

17,000 service hours

56 nonprofit partners

40 cities

Objective: Create a dynamic campaign to engage employees in a company-wide volunteer day.